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About me



Sara has been an avid fan of all different forms of fitness training as a teenager.
She began conducting group training classes on a part time basis while pursuing her law undergraduate degree in her home country. After moving to Turkey and committing herself to a desk bound career, her busy lifestyle meant she wasn’t able to exercise as often as she used to or watch her diet as carefully.
Despite joining fitness classes at the local gym, she was dissatisfied as it didn’t meet her needs.
Sara began taking fitness certification courses to increase her knowledge while continually experimenting and improving her own technique, to achieve the result that she and what women all over the world desire.
Having obtained her EREPS, NASM and ACE fitness trainer qualifications, in 2018 Sara opened Sara Fitness in the upmarket location of Metropole, offering bespoke fitness training to women who were looking to improve their physique and yet were dissatisfied with what conventional gyms were offering,
The Brazilian Body Workout was received with wide acclaim and in early 2019, Sara decided to bring her style to a wider global audience by launching her YouTube Channel – Sara PopFIt.
Sara is fluent in Arabic, Turkish and English.
A citizen of the world, Sara enjoys travelling in her spare time to soak in the culture, sights and sounds of different countries while trying to solve the unsolvable puzzle – what is a woman’s perfect shape.



Have you ever found yourself looking in the mirror and feeling dissatisfied with what you see. Feeling determined to change, you spend a fortune signing up at the local gym, only to give up after 2 weeks, feeling discouraged and asking yourself why do you have to suffer so much and yet see little or no change in yourself.Or to persevere for months according to programs that are unsuitable for you. You find that you have developed a more masculine physique and are losing your “womanly” curves as a result.

Sara PopFit – Brazilian Body Workouts are a series of programs designed specially for women, by a woman who understands primarily that there isn’t a universal standard of the ideal perfect shape.