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A plan tailored to your goal, with guaranteed results

Happiness Journey Program (NEWME)
Perfect Body Program that amazed tens of thousands of women and helped them change their lives radically.

-Online Group Classes!!! It is not one of our priorities because we are keen to design a program for you and for your goal, So after completing a one-on-one interview with Sara Popfit, she will design the appropriate program for you according to the goals that you identified from the videos in her channel, and she will give you the necessary instructions concerning how to apply it, modify complex movements, Or avoid movements that are prohibited for you according to your health condition.

A specific diet program for YOU Only provided by a nutritionist, specifying the quantity and quality that suit your current weight, activity rate and the goal you aspire to.

-Giving you the suitable programs is not our only work, but there will be a follow-up by a special supervisor who will communicate with you to monitor the images of your meals on a daily basis, motivate you, support you psychologically to support and continue with you to reach the target body shape.

-We will open a private account for you on Sara Popfit’s website that includes your sports and diet plans and all safety instructions and instructions mentioned by Sara during her online interview with you.

All of the above for only $269 per month.
(You can find out the equivalent price for the country in which you live on Google.)
Payment method:
1/ Via the website
2/ bank transfer
3 / Transfer via Western Union

  • Nutrition plan specifically designed for you according to your problem and goal by a dietitian from Sara’s Team
  • Workout Program designed specifically for you according to your problem and your goal
  • Private Mentor for you only available 24/7
  • WhatsApp Group for motivating and encouraging each other including mentors, dietitians and coaches from Sara’s Team along with fellow subscribers
  • Online Meeting with Sara Popfit
  • Gift consisting of a cooking E-book priced $49 ((FREE for Newme Subscribers))

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