Push-ups to lose weight while sitting in your chair

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Learn push-ups that will help you lose weight while sitting in your chair with an explanatory video

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Have you ever imagined that you can lose weight just sitting on a chair? Can one push-up move cause you to lose weight effortlessly? Are you sitting on the chair? What is the mechanism of action of these exercises and how can they be applied easily to lose weight and control the level of sugar in the blood? Follow this article to find out the answer.

Push-ups and calf muscles

  • We all know the calf muscle that consists of a group of muscles, Today we will talk about the muscle called the soleus muscle, which is the back leg muscle that extends from the bottom of the knee to the heel. It is called “Quil” or “Duck” by most people. This muscle that moves while walking, running, and jumping. It also helps us maintain our posture while standing.
  • Although the soleus muscle accounts for only about 1% of your body weight, However, it has many important functions in maintaining the health of your body. It works silently and without complaint. It never gets tired like other muscles.
  • Scientists from the University of Houston discovered that soleus push ups can boost metabolism and regulate blood sugar more efficiently than total body exercises, weight loss, and intermittent fasting.
  • How can this muscle do many tasks and yet it does not get tired? Follow the answer and scientific explanation for this topic.
  • Scientists have confirmed through proven studies and practical research on people that when the soleus deep muscle moves, They do not use the same energy source as the rest of the body’s muscles. Rather, it uses glucose and fat directly from the blood as an energy source, i.e. blood sugar directly, unlike the rest of the body’s muscles that use glycogen stored in the body as an energy source. Thus, moving this muscle causes a greater and more effective reduction in the blood sugar level. Thus accelerating the metabolism rate and burning body fat, This is also the same reason why this muscle does not get tired even if we move it continuously.

Push-ups that cause weight loss:

Now we will guide you to the right steps to do this exercise:

  1. Quite simply, while you are sitting on the chair browsing social media, or working on a computer, Make the angle between your leg and the ground 90 degrees.
  2. Place the toes and the front of the foot on the ground.
  3. Now raise the heel of your foot up and then down continuously and controlled.
  4. congrats! You are now burning fat and blood sugar only while you are sitting for hours on end without getting tired.
soleos push-ups

at the end, We hope that you have benefited from this article and exercise. Yes, my dear, We’ll just burn fat while we’re sitting in the chair, Therefore, we advise you to do this exercise directly every day while you are sitting. Even I am doing it now as I write this article to get the amazing results mentioned earlier, We are waiting for your opinion. You can share your opinion in the comments section of Sara’s video in which she spoke about this exercise:

Written by: Marah Mohamad




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