Positive energy and reflection of beauty

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Are you interested in positive energy, Your happiness and positive energy go hand in hand. Which affects your view of the world around you.

الطاقة الإيجابية وانعكاس الجمال

Did you have a bad day, honey?

Did you fail to perform the work assigned to you? I will make you depressed!

Do you lose the ability to smile when a member of your family gets sick?

Do you have problems with the partner?

Have you discovered an unwanted increase in your weight?

Beware of some daily annoyances that can make you lose your positive energy. If the bus leaves two minutes before you arrive, You hit the ground with your feet in resentment. Perhaps you will purse your lips in anger, It’s even worse when we’re dealing with a series of unfortunate events that follow one another.

You’ll say it’s really hard to get positive thoughts! It is true that not everything in life goes according to our whim. And though it is said that we are masters of our own destiny, We don’t really affect everything. Embracing positive energy is all about bringing out the feelings you want back into the universe.

If you are interested in the idea of positive energy and incorporate it into your daily life, You must be aware of the idea of positive energy having healing properties to support self-care.

Your happiness and positive energy go hand in hand. Which affects your view of the world around you.

So what is positive energy?

Positive energy is about sending the vibrations that you want to attract into the world. It’s about more than just thinking happy thoughts.

Positive thoughts require you to act proactively. By practicing mindfulness to develop and maintain positive energy that changes your outlook on life.

We may recognize a person who radiates positivity and think that he is (happy) because he gets everything he wants from the universe, his company thus makes you feel better when you are next to him, and you think that he was born with that energy, while positive energy takes long practice, it is not something you learn overnight Positive energy is what you practice every day and bring out into the universe.

characterized by positive energy, It is a magnet that helps attract happiness. You can think of the world that smiles at you, while you smile at him, As the saying goes “Smile and life smiles at you”.

Positive thinking is more than just a healthy phrase or attitude. The power of thinking is endless. I think it’s safe to say that thinking takes a lot of time. It must be positive. So we don’t get on our nerves.

Now you can imagine the amazing impact of thoughts on your daily life. In the long term, the power of your thoughts can help change your life. What is the impact of positive thinking on our lives?

1- It improves the immunity of the body:

In addition to taking care of the daily diet, and an appropriate amount of movement, preferably in the open air, it is worth knowing that positive thinking also has a positive effect on our immune system, as it encourages the body to work and stimulates our immune system, and helps to overcome diseases, when We smile and think positively, we are also less exposed to stress, and thus the secretion of cortisol decreases, which when in excess can weaken our ability to resist diseases.

2- It positively affects the work of the heart:

Your heart, my dear, is a very sensitive and emotional organ, and that is why it responds quickly to our feelings, especially in cases of anger, love, or sadness, And also happiness.

When we deal well with life, our heart works better. It balances blood pressure and pulse, This allows blood to flow efficiently to all parts of the body. Positive thinking also helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

3- It improves brain function:

A happy brain works better and is completely nourished with oxygen and the happy hormones released by the body give us energy and self-confidence. Even studying or normal daily activities that in turn push us to creative thinking, Which achieves our goals easily and reduces the chances of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

4- It has a positive effect on beauty:

people who think positively are less stressed, Thus, wrinkles will be delayed in appearing on their faces. Perhaps their positive attitude towards life will add charm to their complexion. Where the condition of our skin is greatly affected by the hormones of happiness, which limits the formation of free radicals, and reduce its negative effects, Our skin is better supplied with blood and nutrition, And its greater body resistance makes it better adapted to all pests. And less prone to irritation and infections.

Positive energy and reflection of beauty 2

Positive energy and makeup:

Positive energy and makeup go hand in hand. Most of us view our beauty routines as the source of our inner confidence. And something that can always make us feel better about ourselves, Clear skin and good makeup make us carry more positive energy. And we feel confident and secure in our appearance.
Putting yourself first is an essential part of practicing positive energy, and makeup is a form of self-care that is entirely customized to you and how you feel.

The effect of colors to create positive energy:

We can attract positive energy through your makeup. Everyone has fears, Whether it is acne-prone skin, or thin lips, Makeup has the power to unlock your confidence. And giving you a way to deal with those insecurities.

Part of the power behind positive energy in makeup comes from the colors you use. Every color and shade has a meaning behind it. and a way to change our mood, Think about how shades like bright yellows, pinks, and purples make you feel, We all have colors and shades that we are naturally drawn to and our souls meet. It instantly boosts your mood and changes how you feel about your day.

Tips for maintaining your positive energy:

1- Make yourself a priority.

If you feel good about yourself, it will be much easier to project your inner satisfaction to the world. Take care of yourself and make a little self-care a habit. Stay away from negative thinking.

2- Be kind to yourself.

When you’re feeling down, acknowledge your thoughts, respect them, and be kind to yourself. As you make an effort to treat a friend with compassion and kindness, Be kind to yourself

3- Use positive words:

Saying: I am grateful for.., I’m ready to.., I’d like to know you’ll take a long way, The way we communicate directly affects the energy we give off. So the use of words like love, happiness, security, etc., Will draw a more cheerful look

4- Work to achieve the goal:

Your ability to achieve your goals is a huge confidence booster. It will make others around you see that you value and believe in yourself and your dreams.

5- See others in a flattering light.

when you talk to someone, Think about the things you like or appreciate about him. He will feel the positive feelings you are directing towards him.

6- Be more generous.

ابقي الباب مفتوحاً للشخص الذي يقف خلفك، Offer to help your roommate. Surprise your partner by cleaning the apartment. When you are generous with those around you, you will get a clear shift in the energy that attracts you.

7- Practicing good faith:

This is not about religion. It’s about knowing that the energy you give off is what will attract you. If someone bothers you, do not criticize him, Take the time you need to calm down. deal with it constructively, Or put it aside and refocus your attention, Be kind to others, surround yourself with positive influence, and positive energy will emerge.

Preserving positive energy gives you beauty, vitality, and permanent youth. Are you one of those who enjoy it?

Written by: Siba Babi




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