How Do I Get Rid Of The Lower Abdomen?

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many people suffer, most of them women, from belly fat accumulation, The lower abdomen is one of the areas where fat accumulates the most.

كيف اتخلص من البطن السفلى

many people suffer, most of them women, from belly fat accumulation, The lower abdomen is one of the areas where fat accumulates the most. Regardless of the fact that the lower abdomen causes inconvenience to women because of its shape, which affects their external appearance, As it poses a source of danger to health, as it is associated with infection with some diseases, Such as: Type 2 diabetes, And heart disease. What are the causes of fat formation in that area? How do I get rid of it? What is the effect of sugar on the formation of lower belly fat? Is there a magic drink that melts lower belly fat?

In this article you will find:

– 5 things that cause fat accumulation in the lower abdomen

– The fastest way to get rid of lower belly fat

– Belly breathing and its effect on losing belly fat

– A magical drink found in every home to get rid of lower belly fat

5 things that cause fat to accumulate in the lower abdomen:

1- Magnesium deficiency:

Our body requires magnesium for more than 300 chemical reactions. To maintain a stable heartbeat and regulate blood sugar levels, But in addition to its health benefits, It may help lose weight and lose belly fat. How is that?

A study in the “Journal of Nutrition” found that taking magnesium directly affects the reduction of glucose and insulin levels during fasting, Additional research from England found that a magnesium supplement may have some beneficial effects in reducing fluid retention during the menstrual cycle. Which means you will feel less bloated.

2- Doing the wrong exercises:

Many people resort to aerobic or cardio exercises. like a long run, when trying to lose weight. The problem with this approach: Running for 45 minutes at a steady pace may help you shed pounds at first, But soon your body will get used to that pace, you will stop burning calories, and you will suffer from weight stability.

So what is the best and most effective way to get rid of belly fat? It is carrying weights. Lifting weights leads to micro tears in the muscles, which leads to more energy consumption. i.e. more calories burned in the recovery process, Which can last up to two days after your exercise session.

Research has found that the most effective exercise for fat loss is high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which gets your heart rate up while also working your muscles.

One study from the United Kingdom found that high-intensity exercise helped study participants lose inches off their waist and hips after just two weeks on the program. While a University of Arkansas study found that people who exercised at a high intensity experienced a 20 percent reduction. from the abdominal area.

3- Your sleep hours are not enough:

Your sleep hours are not enough

A study by the American Journal of Epidemiology found that women who slept five hours or less per night were 32 percent more likely to gain significant weight over a 16-year period than those who got more sleep. In addition, According to a study conducted by the Center for Obesity and Nutrition Research in New York, When women sleep four hours instead of eight hours, consume more than 300 extra calories per day, Most of them are fatty foods. why? Lack of sleep causes an increase in a hormone called ghrelin, which stimulates appetite.

Therefore, we will try to use it to lose belly fat. Get the seven to nine hours of sleep each night recommended by experts. to ensure quality sleep, remove distracting electronics from the bedroom; Avoid caffeine after lunch. And try to keep the same sleep schedule, Even if that means getting up at the same time on weekends

4- Your addiction to soft drinks:

Soft drinks

soda or carbonated drinks, full of calories with no nutritional value, But even the calorie-free version can affect your waistline. The sweet taste of diet soda sends a message to your body to expect a surge of energy. Which won’t arrive since there are no calories in diet drinks. This counteracts your body’s hunger signals and causes you to crave and consume extra calories to make up for the lack of calories in diet soda.

Replace it with water, which will help you feel full and protect you from dehydration and constipation

5- Your stomach muscles are weak:

Thomas Neisser says that the biggest reason why people who are not overweight and suffer from a flat stomach is that their abdominal muscles are weak, And they relax while sitting and standing.

By focusing on doing hundreds of crunches daily, You are doing what it takes for the middle abs, But you’re pretty much ignoring your lower abs and deep muscles, You also have to target these overlooked areas and even your lower back, SaraPopFit has designed a special exercise and nutritional program on her official website to strengthen the abdominal muscles and get rid of the lower abdomen.

The fastest way to get rid of lower belly fat:

7 simple habits, if you include them in your daily routine, will guarantee you a flat stomach and rid you of a sagging belly, as follows:

* Take foods rich in fiber

High-fiber foods absorb water and form a gel that helps food swell as it passes through your digestive tract, slowing digestion. Studies show that this fiber may promote weight loss by helping you feel full. So you eat less naturally.

An older study of more than 1,100 adults found that for every 10-gram increase in fiber intake, Belly fat gain decreased by 3.7% over 5 years.

For example, fruits, vegetables, legumes, oats, barley

* Stay away from alcohol

Studies link heavy alcohol use with an increased risk of excess fat storage around the waist.

Giving up alcohol may help reduce waist size.

* Eat meals rich in protein

Rich in protein

Protein is a very important nutrient for weight control. High protein intake increases the secretion of the fullness hormone, a peptide that reduces appetite and increases feelings of satiety.

Protein also raises your metabolism and helps you retain muscle mass while losing weight.

Many studies show, People who eat an adequate portion of protein are less likely to accumulate abdominal fat than those who eat a low-protein diet.

Make sure to include a source of high protein in every meal such as meat, fish, eggs, dairy, Beans.

* Completely giving up white sugar

sugar may contain fructose, Which is associated with many chronic diseases when consumed in excessive quantities, as I mentioned previously, and these include heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and liver disease.

Studies show a direct relationship between high sugar intake and an increase in belly fat.

It is important to realize that eating large amounts of refined sugar can lead to an increase in belly fat. This includes natural sugars. like natural honey, You should use it in moderation.

* Stay away from juices

Although fruit juice is rich in vitamins and minerals, However, it is often as high in sugar as soda and other sweetened drinks.

For example, An 248ml serving of unsweetened apple juice contains 24g of sugar. More than half of it is fructose.

Research indicates that consuming large amounts of fruit juice can contribute to weight gain due to the excessive amount of calories it contains.

However, to help burn belly fat, Reduce your intake and replace it with other drinks that contain a low sugar content. like water, or unsweetened iced tea, Or soda water with a slice of lemon.

* Adopt the intermittent fasting system

One of the diets that have become popular and widely spread in the field of health and fitness, and the quest to reach the ideal weight. One of the common methods involves fasting for 24 hours once or twice a week is what is called Islamic fasting. The other is to fast every day for 16 hours and eat all of your food within an 8-hour period.

One study found that combining intermittent fasting with protein regulation — which involves eating nutrient-dense meals evenly spaced throughout the day — led to a greater reduction in body weight, and total fat in it.

Keep in mind that there are people who are not suitable for intermittent fasting and may negatively affect blood sugar control in women more than men, So stop immediately if you experience any negative effects.

It is recommended that you consult your doctor before attempting intermittent fasting or making other changes to your diet.

Belly breathing and its effect on losing belly fat

take a deep breath, Do you feel your chest rising and falling, or does your stomach move more?

The answer must be the last. And not just when you focus on deep breathing during yoga

or meditation. You should also practice abdominal breathing during other exercises such as cardio or high-intensity exercises. Here’s what you need to know about making your inhales and exhales come from your stomach.

Belly breathing literally means breathing deeply into your stomach. It is also known as diaphragmatic breathing because it allows the diaphragm (a muscle in the abdomen that is primarily used for breathing) to expand and contract. While belly breathing is the body’s natural way of inhaling and exhaling, this is what many overlook.

When you breathe through your belly, you engage a muscle that helps improve core stability,

People don’t realize that the diaphragm is an important muscle to stabilize the spine when you breathe from the belly, you breathe from the diaphragm, Which means that you strengthen the muscles that stabilize the spine when you do diaphragmatic breathing through exercises such as squats, or anything like that, You should actually feel your spine stable throughout the movement. This is the great bonus of breathing

belly, Which strengthens the abdominal muscles and tightens their sagging.

Belly breathing allows more oxygen to pass through the body. This means that your muscles have more oxygen to continue working out hard. when you breathe your chest, Breathing from the diaphragm draws air in, filling the entire body and letting in more air. This is crucial for getting more energy during your workouts and throughout the day as well.

A magic drink found in every home to get rid of lower belly fat


The magic drink is simply, as Sara mentioned before in one of her videos. You will find a link below, which is warm water. Before leaving for gym class in the morning, It is important to drink enough water, So that the metabolism takes place in the best possible way. According to an experiment published in the Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism, After the participants drank two cups of water (half a liter), Their metabolism increased by thirty percent

Researchers believe that increasing water consumption by 6 cups per day will increase calorie burning by 17,400 calories in a year. Which means losing about 2.5 kilograms of weight.

Sara’s video link:

Written by: Rim Elibid

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