Beauty standards through the ages

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You are beautiful? The question may sound stupid. But when you trust your natural beauty, you have put your foot on the first step to be truly beautiful.

مقاييس الجمال عبر العصور

Do you think you are beautiful? The question may sound stupid. But when you trust your natural beauty, you have put your foot on the first step to be truly beautiful. Famous French fashion designer Coco Chanel says: “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”

This is one of the modern theories that talk about the standard of beauty, Note that beauty standards have changed throughout the ages. It is very difficult to define beauty. It may vary depending on who you ask. And at what age you ask, Let’s take a look at some beauty standards through the ages.

Beauty standards for the Pharaohs:

Women in Egyptian art are often depicted with slender waists, narrow hips, and high breasts. In addition to black hair and golden skin, Men and women alike wore heavy black kohl that doubled as protection from the sun’s rays. Then she changed later to become the woman with full hips and wide chest, is my favourite, This was because men thought that plump, plump-lipped women were fat, eyelashes curled like a bull’s eye, wide black irises, Less likely to have problems during pregnancy.

Egyptian women used kohl to create dramatic eyes. Rose water was also very popular in skincare and is still used today in most cleansers. This is because rose water has proven effective in reducing wrinkles. pore tightening, It also smells incredible! The Egyptians used red paste to color their lips and cheeks. And they burned almonds to color their eyebrows. and saffron as shade for the eyes, Every woman had her own makeup box.

The Egyptians also used copper, for skin, As it is well known, the benefits of copper on the skin are many, including that it helps to heal wounds and scars, And it has anti-aging properties.

Standards of beauty through the ages 2

Beauty standards throughout history:

The Middle Ages weren’t exactly known for their beauty standards. Beauty and self-care in general have often been neglected due to harsh living conditions and strict religious morals. The Christian faith dominated the early Middle Ages. The use of make-up and hygiene was unimaginable. Where beauty was associated with danger and sin, This was largely due to the story of Adam and Eve, Where Eve was considered a decadent woman to express her feminine energy.

By the twelfth century, cosmetics had become widespread in Europe. Herbal remedies were used to make potions and ointments to achieve smooth skin. The method of sweat therapy became popular (heat the stone until it sweats, then mix the sweat with water and wash the face with the sweat mixed with water). And applied to the skin directly to remove impurities.

Beauty standards in medieval Japan:

Long hair was considered one of the most important attributes of beauty in Japan at that time. Therefore, women were keen to lengthen their hair as much as possible. as they shaved their eyebrows, And they drew high, thick eyebrows, The beauty criteria included pale skin, rosy cheeks, And small lips.

Standards of beauty through the ages 3

Beauty standards in the Victorian era:

The Victorian era was all about getting the perfect look. Women were expected to be small and fragile, And most importantly, to be pure. Anything that can be perceived as sensual or sexual, considered taboo, For women to succeed in the Victorian era, they had to adhere to strict standards of beauty. pale skin was considered beautiful, While exposure to the sun can lead to permanent damage and numbness, Furthermore, women were expected to avoid any physical activity to prevent swelling and bruising. curves were lovable, The hourglass shape of the waist is the epitome of beauty.

For Victorian women, corsets became an absolute necessity to achieve the perfect figure. Corsets create a slim, small waist. And large thighs because of the severe narrowing that may hinder breathing and organs from growth, Moreover, women had to regularly use bleaching lotions to remove freckles or any sign of imperfection, or they would be humiliated by their suitors.

Beauty standards in the 1950s:

Beauty standards in the 1950s focused on more glamor, Women will use loads of hairspray and bleach their hair to look like Marilyn Monroe. The hourglass shape was also popular. Most women use girdles to achieve a waist-to-hip ratio.

The fifties of the last century were a time of changing beauty standards, Although big breasts were still considered beautiful, However, the ideal image of the girl became clearer. Women began to wear more practical clothes, including pants and trousers, Some women even refused to wear bras. Considering it too restrictive or uncomfortable.

Beauty standards in the sixties:

The 1960s was a time when boundaries were broken and women were allowed to take control of their lives. It has become common for women to wear slacks, miniskirts, and even sheer blouses.

Strawberry blonde hair was popular in the sixties. Especially among Hollywood stars such as Brigitte Bardot, Bras were also very popular during this period. This encouraged women to push up their breasts. so that they resemble the bosoms of movie stars, like Marilyn Monroe, Women will go to great lengths to achieve that perfect blonde hair, They bleached their hair several times until it was bright enough. Then use pink shampoo to keep the color longer. As the phrase “big” became the best catchphrase during this time, This idea is illustrated by the increasing popularity of larger breasts. Women wore bras and never left the house without a belt to show off their curvy figures.

Beauty standards in the seventies:

In the seventies, the hippie culture spread, which affected the prevailing views, Women no longer dye or bleach their hair, Body image was less important during this time, Women felt more free to wear men’s pants. In contrast, some men began to wear make-up. Including body gloss and lipstick.

80’s beauty standards:

The eighties were a time of big business, Keeping up with trends was essential, More than 1,000 films have been produced on plastic surgery. This shows the importance of this problem for women. Big breasts, thick hair, tight pants and bright colors dominated the fashion scene. This image has been featured by famous stars like Madonna.

The women wore whatever they wanted. Including crop tops and high heels, Women also dyed their hair in crazy colors like hot pink, blue, or green to keep up with the latest trends. In those years, fashion was about being as revealing as possible.

90’s beauty standards:

The concept of beauty changed completely in the nineties. The focus is no longer on achieving an ideal state, but rather on individuality and self-confidence, This was the first time that trends like tattoos, piercings and multiple earrings became popular with women and for the first time too, bald women are gorgeous, Thinness became an example through fashion models, Women began to wear more masculine clothes. They wore slacks and ties, And other things that men usually wear.

Beauty standards in the twenty-first decade:

The twenty-first decade is very interesting. Because it presents a mixture of the two images that were shown in the nineties, Women no longer strive to be thin or flaunt their body parts. Instead, Focus on how they use their bodies to express themselves.

Celebrities have become very influential in the twenty-first decade. So many people started getting plastic surgery to look like themselves.

Today’s beauty standards:

Nowadays beauty standards are changing, women can wear whatever they want, dye her hair crazy colors, get multiple tattoos, If it was inspired by celebrities, Like Rihanna or Angelina Jolie, There is no perfect body shape anymore. A woman feels free to embrace her body.

Women are no longer pressured to change their appearance because of beauty standards. Many people believe that the media no longer focus enough on the female appearance. However, this does not mean that the industry and society have stopped pressuring women to look like celebrities.

Once a standard of beauty disappears, Another standard appears in its place. No matter how much progress the world makes in empowering women, There will always be new beauty standards to be pushed to follow. In fact, Western culture has created a way of dealing with this, Women are encouraged to stay within the norm, But you shouldn’t feel constrained by it.

It’s more than just clothes and makeup. The standard of a woman’s beauty includes her personality and behaviour. and how she knows herself, May be intelligent, curious, ambitious and resilient, In other words, to be physically and emotionally strong.

In general, today you can choose the shape you want to be. Because by all accounts you are beautiful, But with more culture, strong start and self-confidence, Be beautiful, my dear, as you like!

Written by: Siba Babi




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