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Life around us moves fast. In order to keep up with this speed, in this article we will answer your common questions

جوبة عن تساؤلاتكِ الشائعة

The fast pace of life makes everything around us run fast. Therefore, my dear, the answers to your common questions will be provided to you with the aim of obtaining a quick result as well!
Information about annoying belly fat that embarrasses you, And ideas inspired by the mentality of the microwave from the writer Darren Hardy and likening our lives to the work of the microwave, which gets all the work done quickly

Let’s start now by answering the most common questions you may have:

First: Is it possible to burn rumen and belly fat while maintaining a big butt?

common and recurring question, And to be real, my dear, It is impossible to melt rumen fat and at the same time increase the fat of another area! As the amplification of any muscle in the body depends on a high-calorie system with protein and healthy fats to fill the muscle, The principle that contradicts the principle of slimming down by reducing the calories you eat daily.

Through these exercises, it tries to dissolve rumen fat and reduce the waist while maintaining an attractive shape for the butt muscle through lifting, tightening and rotation. Although its size will remain constant, but because of the small size of the waist and rumen, it will look better. This is to give you a charming feminine look that will raise your self-confidence!

“Burning rumen fat and building the buttocks muscle helps to enlarge this area by looking at it, not actually, that is, not in numbers and sizes.”

Thus, there are two essential things to reduce your belly and build your butt: fat loss and muscle gain, If you, my dear, suffer from excess belly fat, You probably have a lot of fat in other areas of your body. And since we cannot target only rumen fat, expect to lose total body fat if you want to have an attractive and beautiful body.

As you know, the traditional way to lose fat is to reduce the amount of calories you eat below your daily calories. What calories do you spend during your day?

Answers to your common questions 2

good news! Calorie consumption is not limited to how much you burn while jogging on the treadmill or doing your daily exercises. It also includes the amount of energy your body expends to perform basic physiological functions such as digestion, the functioning of the heart, lungs, breathing, and all the functions of your body’s organs that keep you alive. In addition to supporting your non-sporting activity, That is, doing the daily routine things.

Your total daily spending also depends on other things. Such as genetic causes, health conditions, medications, age, and gender. Therefore, you must adapt to the nature of your body and try to learn the correct way to deal with it. You will live in it your whole life.

And speaking of the necessary exercise, To lose fat and build muscle, you need a two-part exercise plan that includes cardio and resistance training. Cardio exercises will help you burn calories and fats. While resistance training helps you build muscle, It will also increase the metabolism in your body to help you burn more fat and thus enjoy a slim and healthy body at the same time.

According to Professor Jacob Wilson, Professor and Director of the Skeletal Muscle and Sports Nutrition Laboratory at the Institute of Applied Science and Performance in Tampa, Florida:

Long-term cardio is not the best way to build muscle. Doing too much of it can weaken your muscle building.

And within what Sarah Pop Fit offers of free sports programs and Newmy programs that are available for everyone on the sarapopfit.com website,

To give a clearer example than the above, You can do sprints of running or cycling, After warming up, increase your speed to a brisk run for 30 to 60 seconds. Then slow down to an easy pace for 60 to 90 seconds to recover. Repeat this for 15 to 20 minutes. Then reduce the activity.

Secondly: Are there exercises to enlarge the chest?

The answer to this common and disturbing question for many beautiful girls is that the size of the chest depends on the size of the sebaceous glands in your body, not the size of the muscle! Therefore, the chest muscle cannot be enlarged with any exercise. It is possible to enlarge it by only one or two degrees, or to raise and tighten it, depending on the degree of sagging. As some degrees of sagging can be corrected by sports, while others are severe and require surgery.

So keep doing your chest exercises, my dear, to keep it looking feminine, taut, and beautiful.

Just keep in mind that the results are not inevitable. Every body is different from the other. Your results will depend a lot on your unique body build.

Just love yourself the way you are because you are beautiful just the way you are

Thirdly: Can I thin the fingers of the hand?

If you do not like your breast size, My dear, you are not alone! Where in a 2020 survey study, Researchers asked a number of participants (18,541 participants) from 40 countries how they felt about their breast size. And the results were as follows: Only 29.3% of the participants were satisfied with the size of their breasts. specifically, 47.5% wanted bigger breasts and 23.2% wanted smaller breasts.

Answers to your common questions 3

To know the answer, you need to know some basics:

Thick fingers may be due to the thickness of the bones. or due to weight gain all over the body, In this case, the more weight you lose, the smaller your fingers will be. But for some people, this is the nature of their fingers, regardless of the weight of the rest of the body.

In general, if you suffer from high weight, as soon as you lose it, your body will slim in addition to your fingers, my dear.

Here are simple daily steps that will help you make your hands look slimmer:

1. Go for a walk in the park. Not only does being outdoors help you burn calories and lose weight, It also helps reduce swelling and inflammation associated with stress.

2. Take vitamin D. A 2018 clinical study also suggested that these supplements could aid in weight loss. Whether through oral supplementation or limited sun exposure, An increase in vitamin D may help improve your mood as well as weight loss. But do not forget to consult your doctor before taking the medicine.

3. Do yoga. Where poor circulation makes swelling worse, making your fingers look bigger than they are, So you can try yua to improve blood circulation, And do not forget that yoga has great benefits for your mental and physical health. It also relieves stress, relaxes the nerves, and gives you a delicious feeling of comfort, reassurance, and inner peace.

And remember that every step you take today will lead to a brighter tomorrow. And it depends on you and your will that will change your life for the better!

Written by: Marah Mohamad


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